Manastra Upchaaranam Ketu


This works well for a number of Ketu-related problems. As an unfavorable planet, Ketu can cause issues like a father and son’s alienation from one another, joint pain, terrible luck despite hard work, obtaining bad luck even after good deeds, ignorance, and a lack of desire to interact with people. Ketu Manastra Upchaaranam Potli can assist in resolving these problems. With its potent blend of herbs, this herbal potli can be beneficially rotated seven times in an anticlockwise manner while reciting or listening to the Ketu mantra. Afterwards, bury the potli in the desolate area or dispose of it in the flowing river. Using the Ketu Manastra Upchaaranam Potli, you can overcome both personal and professional obstacles.

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